Body Shaping &
Skin Tightening

Body shaping includes a range of procedures that encompass both subtle and profound improvements such as toning, tightening, smoothing and cellulite reduction on areas both large and small. Treatments are performed using energy-based devices that comprise the following technologies:

• endermology / vacuum / massage
• radiofrequency
• photonic and/or laser
• laser liposuction
• ultrasound
• acoustic wave
• cryotherapy

Skin tightening is a related, specialized procedure intended to correct skin laxity and reduce sagging. Skin laxity is a common effect of aging and typically begins between the ages of 30 and 40. It occurs when skin loses elasticity and begins to droop or sag. This effect can occur virtually anywhere on the body, but is particularly noticeable around the eyes, mouth, jawline and neck. This loss of firmness is distinct from wrinkling, as many individuals with only minimal wrinkling experience skin laxity. Although many devices claim to offer some degree of skin tightening, few provide visible results and even devices that have been optimized for skin tightening is not fully effective on all patients.

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Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Cosmetic Laser Surgery is becoming a replacement for traditional cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic laser treatment centers are more common place and offer effective cost effective treatments for the consumer. Cosmetic Laser centers offer many different types of cosmetic lasers that that are in specific cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic laser treatments include; smartlipo, laser blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, laser scar removal, laser breast reduction, laser breast reduction, laser hair removal, laser eye surgery, laser acne removal, laser tattoo removal, and laser stretch mark removal.

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