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Most Popular Syneron-Candela Aesthetic Lasers Available Today: can locate virtually any model and make of cosmetic laser, light source or other aesthetic technology sold in the last ten years. The following is a list of popular systems typically available in the marketplace. If you don’t see the model you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to find it for you.

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Syneron-Candela eTwoSyneron-Candela CoolTouch CTEVSyneron-Candela ProfoundSyneron-Candela Elōs PlusSyneron-Candela CO2RE

Syneron-Candela eTwo

eTwo combines the unique Sublime and Sublative applications for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Sublime™ uses the elōs combination of safe and effective levels of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energies to remodel the deep dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth.

Sublative™ fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology places the heat energy effectively into the upper dermis where it can produce a significant increase in both collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal disruption.

eTwo Advantages:

  • Visible Results, Low Downtime
  • Intelligent Feedback System, real time information on skin condition, impedance and the energy delivery of each pulse
  • Safe & effective for all skin types
  • Quick treatments: typically 20 – 40 min
  • Short treatment protocol
  • Lightweight, compact, multi-applicator platform
  • Easily transports between practice locations

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Syneron-Candela CoolTouch CTEV

Expand Your Practice with the CoolTouch CTEV® laser

80 million Americans suffer from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) or varicose veins. Venous insufficiency symptoms include outwardly bulging, ropy varicose veins, achy, itchy, or swollen legs after standing for prolonged periods of time, excessive spider veins, skin discoloration or ulcers. Family history or heredity, pregnancies and obesity play a major role in this condition. Many who suffer from venous insufficiency don’t have bulging varicose veins so they don’t realize there is a treatment for their symptoms.

Fifty percent of patients who seek treatment for varicose veins do it for cosmetic purposes alone. Many patients are not aware there is a simple procedure that can eliminate varicose veins or reduce venous insufficiency symptoms, they still believe that vein stripping is the gold standard with the lengthy, painful recovery process. The CoolTouch CTEV laser procedure offers the patient a simple outpatient procedure, which in most cases is covered by insurance.

Offer Your Patients the CoolTouch Advantage:

  • 99% success rate obtaining varicose vein closure with one treatment
  • Little, if any pain, bruising or swelling
  • Minimal, if any, patient downtime from regular daily activities
  • Cosmetically pleasing outcomes
  • No vein perforations or thermal injury to the skin

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Syneron-Candela Profound

1st Device to Create All 3 Skin Fundamentals. Profoundly. Elastin. Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid.

Uniquely, Profound® is clinically proven to create 3 vital skin elements: elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid2. These major skin building blocks work to create dermal volume.

Profound is the first device with temperature controlled radiofrequency clinically and scientifically proven to deliver energy directly to the deep dermis to stimulate neo-elastogenesis, neocollagenesis and hyaluronic acid deposition. Now Profound delivers fractional RF energy to the subcutaneous layer enabling treatment of adipose tissue and the septae as well. Profound is a comprehensive treatment addressing both the Dermal & SubQ layers. Confidently expand your practice offerings with this single treatment procedure with a 100% response* rate.

    Profound Advantages

  • NEW: Now treats and remodels adipose tissue and septae with the SubQ module.
  • Creates elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, profoundly.
  • Creates dermal volume, naturally, to answer a big concern: how to replace lost volume in aging skin.
  • Yields 100% response* for total patient atisfaction.
  • Treats jawline, jowls, wrinkles and other textural considerations.
  • Real time temperature control for unprecedented treatment control.
  • Yields predictable results with complete control over depth, temperature and time of treatment.

Growing Demand For High-End facial Treatments – $45 Billion In The US Alona!

Profoundly Impressive Results of a Multi-Center Study of 100 Patients

Effective at Toning Lax Skin, Creating Dermal Volume
  • 1st clinical evidence of profound neoelastogenesis2
  • Clinical proof of new elastin, collagen & hyaluronic acid2
  • Increase in reticular dermal volume2
High Physician & Patient Satisfaction
  • 100% response rate for wrinkles3, 95% response rate for skin laxity3
  • 47% had “significant to dramatic improvement in global skin appearance”3
  • Non-surgical, yet yields 37% improvement in skin laxity compared to a surgical face lift4
  • Natural healing response at all skin levels2. No fillers. No toxins.

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Syneron-Candela Elōs Plus

elōs Plus®, the ultimate multi application platform, provides a full range of the most in demand applications:

  • AC for Acne Treatment
  • LV / LVA for Vascular Lesion Treatment
  • Motif LHR for Diode Hair Removal
  • Motif HR / HR Plus Hair Removal – Especially for treating larger areas (i.e. legs), increased spot size enables treatment times that are two times faster
  • SR / SRA for Color Correction and Pigmented Lesion Treatment
  • SR / SRA Plus Color Correction & Pigmented Lesion Treatment – Larger spot size enables treatment times that are two times faster
  • SRA Mini Ideally designed to reach smaller, “hard to reach” treatment areas
  • Sublative Rejuvenation for Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Texture
  • Sublime for Facial Contouring

Built with Your Practice in Mind:

Easy to Use

  • 3 applicators connected at once
  • NEW: Enhanced Energy Mode – Visible results in a single treatment
  • Plug & Play software upgrades

Engineered for Safety

  • Patented Active Dermal Monitoring™ monitors skin impedance changes during each pulse for added safety
  • Sapphire contact cooling for epidermal protection and patient comfort
  • Intelligent Feedback System (IFS) ensures precise delivery of RF energy regardless of variations in skin impedance

Intuitive user interface

  • Touch to Treat
  • Recommended treatment parameters
  • Adjustable treatment screen

Set your practice apart with triniti Plus

combination therapy for total facial renewal. Offer a multi-application approach to target the most sought after procedures in a single treatment session:

  • SRA Plus Applicator – Color correction
  • Sublime Applicator – Contouring
  • Sublative RF Applicator – Wrinkles and texture

Provide 3 distinct treatments in 1 session. Build on proven outcomes.

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Syneron-Candela CO2RE

CO2RE® is the versatile fractional CO2 system that enables you to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle, and deep dermal levels. Then seamlessly perform traditional CO2 resurfacing and laser excision of lesions.

Grow your practice with this lighter, faster, and more versatile solution for skin resurfacing, wrinkle and scar reduction, traditional ablation and minor dermal excisions.

CO2RE gives you the ability to treat both superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision-control over the intensity, pattern and depth of ablation.

The CO2RE System Features:

  • The Next Generation of CO2
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface – displays treatment geometries & selections
  • Programmed to learn as you work
  • Monitors its own performance
  • Stores and automatically recalls preferences
  • Modes that deliver optimal tissue damage in depth and density
  • New! Free Hand surgical abilities
  • Featherweight delivery system minimizes operator fatigue
  • Small footprint and quiet operation made for the aesthetic practice

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