Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions include a range of conditions including bulging varicose veins on the legs, thin spider veins on the face and discolored patches called rosacea. They are a common condition, affecting up to 50% of women age 18 years and older. In addition to aging, common causes include heredity, hormones, prolonged standing and obesity. Pregnancy can also cause vascular lesions, due to the increased blood volume and hormone levels as well as pressure of the uterus on the deep leg veins as they drain into the pelvis. A small proportion of sufferers are seriously disabled by bulging varicose veins and unable to walk. These cases are best treated surgically with a phlebectomy, which is performed as an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia. Less severe cases, however, may be treated with either light-based therapy or sclerotherapy.

Despite the convenience and excellent results offered by light-based treatment of vascular lesions, the procedure has not yet replaced needle-based sclerotherapy. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), almost four times as many sclerotherapy procedures were performed in 2009 as light-based treatment of leg veins. This is due largely to current equipment limitations regarding treatment of very large leg veins and individuals with dark skin tones. Although treatment of vascular lesions has been available since the mid 1990s and sales growth has slowed, the application nonetheless continues to be important because of the market size it addresses and the ability it offers practitioners to provide a full line of aesthetic services. Sales of multifunctional devices that address vascular lesions continue to outpace those of other light-based devices and a large number of manufacturers offer these products.

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