Product Description: DEKA CYNOSURE Synchro REPLA:Y Cosmetic Laser

Elevate your aesthetic practice to new heights with the DEKA CYNOSURE Synchro REPLA:Y Cosmetic Laser. This cutting-edge laser system seamlessly blends innovation, precision, and versatility to redefine the standards of non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Laser Type: Alexandrite Laser
  • Wavelength: 755 nm
  • Pulse Duration: Adjustable from 100 microseconds to 3 milliseconds
  • Repetition Rate: Up to 10 Hz
  • Cooling System: Integrated Cooling Technology
  • Spot Sizes: Adjustable from 2 to 20 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): Customizable for specific configurations
  • Weight: Varies by configuration
  • Power Requirements: 230V, 50/60Hz, 30A


  1. Hair Removal: The Synchro REPLA:Y employs the advanced 755 nm Alexandrite laser to target and eliminate unwanted hair with precision, effectiveness, and comfort.
  2. Pigmented Lesion Removal: Target and treat various pigmented lesions, including sunspots and age spots, ensuring a clear and uniform skin tone.
  3. Vascular Lesion Treatment: The 755 nm wavelength is optimized for coagulating blood vessels, making it a powerful tool for treating vascular lesions such as spider veins and broken capillaries.
  4. Skin Rejuvenation: Stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines for a refreshed and youthful complexion.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Alexandrite Laser Technology: The 755 nm wavelength maximizes melanin absorption, enhancing efficacy in various aesthetic treatments.
  • Integrated Cooling Technology: Dynamic cooling ensures patient comfort and minimizes downtime, optimizing the overall treatment experience.
  • Adjustable Spot Sizes and Pulse Duration: Tailor treatments with customizable spot sizes and pulse durations, providing flexibility for diverse patient needs.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Streamlined operation with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and parameter adjustments.


  1. Hair Removal Hand-Piece: Equipped with a range of spot sizes, the hand-piece facilitates efficient and comfortable hair removal across different treatment areas.
  2. Pigmented Lesion Removal Hand-Piece: Precision in targeting and treating pigmented lesions, promoting a clearer and more even skin tone.
  3. Vascular Lesion Hand-Piece: Designed to effectively treat vascular lesions, providing optimal coagulation for exceptional results.
  4. Skin Rejuvenation Hand-Piece: Stimulate collagen production and address signs of aging, contributing to overall skin renewal.

The DEKA CYNOSURE Synchro REPLA:Y Cosmetic Laser is your all-encompassing solution for advanced aesthetic treatments. With customizable configurations and superior technology, it sets a new standard for precision, comfort, and results in your practice.

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