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CosmeticLasers.com is a major online resource for buying, selling and researching objective information on dozens of pre-owned cosmetic lasers and light sources used in aesthetic medicine. CosmeticLasers.com offers a unique market place for locating the right esthetic laser system from a reliable source, helping you offering your patients proven, high quality esthetic laser procedures.

Buying Used Cosmetic Lasers

CosmeticLasers.com is your premier online resource for purchasing esthetic laser equipment. Our pre-screened partners have extensive experience buying and selling quality, pre-owned aesthetic lasers. We offer the highest quality used, off-lease, repossessed and refurbished esthetic lasers on the market, all at or below competitive prices, saving you thousands of dollars compared to buying new. Purchasing the right, pre-owned aesthetic laser from CosmeticLasers.com maximizes the return on investment of your aesthetic laser treatment center.

We Buy Used Esthetic Lasers

Do you want to upgrade your current cosmetic laser armamentarium? Let us help you transition easily from your current used aesthetic device to a newer or more popular technology so you can offer the treatments your patients demand. Contact us today for more information.

Not Sure Which Aesthetic Laser You’re Looking For?

Aesthetic laser surgery, performed in a cosmetic laser center with safe, FDA-cleared cosmetic laser equipment, has become an effective and popular replacement for many traditionally invasive esthetic surgery procedures. There are many non-invasive, cosmetic laser procedures that continue to replace traditional surgery. In 2009, according the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and skin resurfacing, already surpass the most popular surgical esthetic treatment (breast augmentation), and at current growth rates, skin tightening, treatment of cellulite and body shaping are not far behind.

CosmeticLasers.com provides the latest industry information regarding used cosmetic lasers and their most popular treatments performances. Esthetic optical maser technology tends to evolve quickly, but that does not it mean it always improves. Believe it or not, sometimes the safest and/or most effective solution is no longer being manufactured. Let CosmeticLasers.com help you research the right esthetic optical maser tools for your practice and patients.

We are a Major Online Resource for Buying and Selling Cosmetic Lasers

CosmeticLasers.com has latest industry information on Used Esthetic Lasers; Cosmetic Laser Treatments; Cosmetic Laser Service; Aesthetic Laser Training. CosmeticLasers.com focuses on the demands of the esthetic optical maser industry and matches professionals quality aesthetic laser equipment, training & service. CosmeticLaser.com core business is about building a relationships with between the aesthetic laser professional focusing on a improving and expanding your business and allowing for a better ROI for your esthetic laser treatment center.


Our team of experienced aesthetic laser professions have been selling, repairing and training professionals on esthetic lasers equipment to doctors internationally since 1993. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, service, and training and offer some of the best values in the aesthetic equipment industry. We provide excellent opportunities for our customers to buy, sell and upgrade your cosmetic laser equipment and offer a free listing in our aesthetic laser treatment directory to help you find patients to expand your business. Cosmeticlasers.com takes your business into consideration and provides quality pre-owned cosmetic laser. We purchase, inspect, clean and repair every cosmetic work station we sell.


Let CosmeticLasers.com help your with your next esthetic optical maser equipment purchase. There are hundreds of used cosmetic laser dealers who sell aesthetic lasers and we recommend that you avoid cosmetic optical maser resellers who broker esthetic laser equipment. Aesthetic optical maser brokering may require a huge deposit for a cosmetic optical maser or IPL workstation they don't have in stock. Brokering may only lead to issues because these units, are not tested, inspected, cleaned, refurbished in most cases not packaged for shipping properly. We have heard of many broker horror stories that include: damaged equipment, missing parts, malfunction equipment, blemished equipment. Why take risks when purchasing an esthetic laser that is not in inventory.

Cosmeticlasers.com uses trusted pre-screened dealers who eliminate any risk in the purchase or sale of your cosmetic laser workstation. All of our aesthetic lasers are inspected by certified cosmetic laser technicians, we thoroughly inspect and adjust calibrations, clean units, inspect for missing attachments and approve each unit prior to shipping.

We offer a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee if the system does not meet your needs. We will simply buy back your unit back.

Aesthetic Laser Treatment Centers

Aesthetic Laser Treatment Centers offer state of the art esthetic non evasive treatments to turning back signs of aging, hide scaring, and remove other skin imperfections. Highly qualified physicians laser technician and nurses perform a variety of treatments which help you look better without the need for evasive surgery. Our external database has an extensive list Esthetic Laser Centers across the United states. Look for a Aesthetic Laser Treatment Centers here.

Esthetic Laser Treatment Providers

Sign up for our free cosmetic laser treatment advertising program. Simply subscribe to our monthly news letter and we will list your cosmetic laser treatment center in our cosmetic optical maser treatment center directory. You get unlimited leads from consumers who are looking for aesthetic cosmetic optical maser treatments. You can save up to $9,000 annually in paid advertising costs.

Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Aesthetic Laser Surgery, performed by an aesthetic laser surgeon with safe FDA approved cosmetic laser equipment, has become the predominate and effective replacement for many evasive esthetic surgery procedures. There are many esthetic optical maser procedures that continue to replacing traditional aesthetic surgery. Hair Removal, Facial Rejuvenation, Acne Removal, Eye Lift, Eye Surgery, are just a few cosmetic optical maser treatments That have become common place.

The following is a list of common aesthetic laser treatments and procedures. Click on the list for the aesthetic laser treatment descriptions. We also offer a directory of cosmetic laser centers.

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Acne Removal
Scar Removal
Skin Resurfacing
Breast Augmentation
Eye Surgery
Hair Removal
Teeth Whitening
Eye Lift
Breast Reduction
Facial Rejuvenation
Stretch Mark Removal
Breast Lift


April 3, 2011 (Dallas) CosmeticLaser.com joins the 31st annual conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Grapevine, Dallas.


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